Royal Donato Apartments & RNB

Fully furnished houses 2 bedroom & 1 bedroom houses

2855 Nelsonville Rd, Boston, Massachusetts
(MA), 40107


2 and 1 bedroom rooms

Royal Donato offers fully Furnished 1& 2 Bedroom apartment with all amenities to facilitate you stay. It is designed to provide luxury living in the heart of the hustle and bustle of Kitale. It provides self-catering apartment inclusive of :-


Luxury modern home bedroom interiors with modern style bed and decorations 

A fully equipped kitchen inclusive of a fridge, microwave, gas and cooker

Nice private rest rooms and hot shower bathroom with a 24/7 water supply


What our visitors say

Our average visitor rating is 4.8 / 5

Royal Donato rooms were the best and would like togo back to their stay more often. Everything was as per the description given.

Gladys James

Planing a trip to the Rift Valley?

Royal Donato Stay is an extraordinary 1 and 2 bedroom apartment and BNB Stay well fully equipped and secure to facilitate your stay